✅ FAQs: Телефон, интернет и спутниковая антенна


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Telephone, internet and satellite

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    Are the apartments equipped with telephone, internet or satellite?

    Although some apartments provide these services (indicated in the description of the flats). All apartments are equipped with sockets for telephone line, internet or satellite.

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    What documentation is required to hire a telephone, Internet or satellite service?

    If you want to hire one of these services, you must provide the following documents:

    • A national identity card, a residence in Spain or a passport.
    • Proof of residence in Spain (you can use the ShBarcelona  contract).
    • A bank account established in Spain.
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    What internet and mobile telephony options can be found in Barcelona?

    Each provider offers different types of connections (Optic fiber, DSL, 4G, etc...) depending on your needs and time of your stay in Barcelona. Each has its own cancellation policy which must be considered.

    If you do not want to hire monthly services, you have the opportunity to buy a prepaid card Internet or mobile phone and manage day to day consumption.

    We recommend the following operators. See their current offers on their websites and take advantage of the online deals offered:

    • Jazztel
    • Ono
    • Orange
    • Movistar
    • Pepephone